What Is It?

Blue Hawaiian Cleanse is the world’s first coconut-based colon cleanser. Over the counter laxatives may work, but they also dehydrate the body at an accelerated rate. This unnatural state inhibits proper digestion and can cascade into other problems. Blue Hawaiian Cleanse is a NATURAL colon cleanser that won’t dehydrate you. Try a bottle today!

Blue Hawaiian Cleanse contains more than simply the health-benefits of pure coconut oil. With our proprietary blend of flax seeds, Senna leaves, Psylium husks, aloe, and over a dozen other natural ingredients, you can be assured of not only cleaning your colon naturally but do so without the dangers of a diuretic laxative.

Digestive health is vital to our bodies. Did you know that over 70% of all of our body’s immunity system is located in the digestive tract? Much of our immune system’s work including fighting off bad bacteria and other disorders, happens in the colon.

With Blue Hawaiian Cleanse, you not only empower the good bacteria in your digestive system, you can flush out your system naturally, smoothly and without dehydration with the world’s first, all-natural, coconut-based colon cleanser on the market.

SPECIAL: With any order of Blue Hawaiian Cleanse, you will get a FREE digital copy of I Could Have Saved E.L.V.I.S.! (a $19.99 value) One per customer.